Hi! I'm Mona Mauve

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm so glad you visited my shop! Here you'll find cards, stickers & pins with my original artwork.

The process of drawing a cat on my tablet.

This shop is my biggest passion project, so I spend every minute outside of my university studies drawing and creating new things. I draw things that make me laugh, and I hope it brightens up your day too!

Me packaging greeting cards.

A big focus for me is making sure that my shop is environmentally friendly, and that all of my items are ethically produced! I currently handmake all my items except for pin badges, which are also ethically produced by a UK-based company.

I also keep track of which countries I've already sold to, and it absolutely makes my day when there's a new country to scratch off on my sales map! So far my art has reached 43 countries! Next up: world domination. 😼

Please have a look around my shop and see if there's anything that catches your eye! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.